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Our objective is to share with you, information that is politically unbiased. We will present news and ask questions that spark debate from both sides of the political spectrum. Every once in a while we will throw a little humor in to lighten things up. 

Our political and religious views are intended to be natural. We want to present both sides and create an open and honest dialogue. So what we post on here doesn’t necessarily represent our beliefs. So be nice : )

Please engage on here and remember to be respectful to others even if you don’t agree with them.

About the Creator

Scott Leopold was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana where he graduated from North Central High School and got his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. He now calls Austin, Texas home where he is busy raising his three boys.

As a kid Scott loved to daydream. Creating stories and artwork to escape his reality. As an adult he has published his works and continues to create art, which is his true passion.

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Oil Paintings

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